It’s time for spring-cleaning, and at Vignamaggio we begin in the gardens. We perform three simple but essential tasks to make sure our gardens are lush and healthy.

  1. Weeding

Weeding by hand, rather than using a chemical weed killer, is better for a few different reasons. It keeps us fit, it doesn’t pollute the soil, and the weeds take much longer to reappear.

  1. Digging

Digging allows the soil to recompose and oxygenate, making it more fertile. It is also an opportunity to remove stones, find more space for your plants and dig out the roots of any weeds that escaped during weeding.

  1. Mulching

Covering the ground with compost, straw or dry leaves discourages weeds, keeps moisture in the ground and protects from soil erosion. At Vignamaggio we mulch with compost because we are able to produce a lot of it, from pruned vegetation from the garden, grape must and with manure from our animal farm. Compost mulching also incorporates energy and new life into the soil, creating a fertile substrate for insects that are beneficial for biodiversity and plant growth.