Vegetable Gardens & Orchards

Vignamaggio’s organic fruit orchards are set on various sites on the Piano di Montagliari floodplain, a quiet and uncontaminated area along the Greve River. Plum, apple, apricot, pear and pomegranate orchards are alternated with fields of grain. On the coolest part of the farm, bordering the forest and river, we have our berry orchard with blackberries, raspberries and currants.

Each year, in the area around Case all’Orto, we plant seasonal vegetables like tomatoes, potatoes, onions, basil and other aromatic herbs. Between the sunny terraces of Vitigliano one can spot the artichoke plantation that treats us to its exquisite organic artichokes every spring.

Fruit, herbs and fresh vegetables are handpicked every day and served to our hotel guests, or used to make delicious jams, preserves or exquisite spirits.



It is very important to us that our jams retain the flavour of the fresh fruit. This is why we use more than 70% fruit, organic brown cane sugar, and we do not add preservatives. Our jams are intensely fragrant and naturally sweet. Ideal to decorate your cakes or to serve at a special breakfast, Vignamaggio's jams are also perfect to pair with mature fresh cheeses.


Vignamaggio's preserves are made exclusively from products from the farm's organic vegetable gardens. Inviting and exquisite, our preserves capture all the flavours and fragrances of summer and hold onto them for the rest of the year. Precious alles to keep in the pantry or to open when overcome by nostalgia.


Fragrant and captivating, our spirits showcase the versatility of fruit and vegetables and reveal their more seductive side. They are a tribute to past alchemists as well as to the night cap, made uniquely by our secret recipes using herbs and fruit.