An avant-garde, organic farm and wine cellar of more than 600 years old, Vignamaggio wanted to re-establish the historical agricultural variety typical of farms of the past. Vineyards, olive groves, vegetable gardens, luxuriant fruit orchards and the rearing of semi-free-range Cinta Senese pigs cover more than 400 hectares of the Chianti Classico heartland.



Each product is the fruit of long labour by expert hands. It starts with the land, and continues meticulously – without any hurry, taste after taste – until, finally, reaching your palate. With each sip and each bite you can taste the care, the time and the level of our commitment.



Vignamaggio’s fifteenth-century cellars were the starting point of a long journey that began more than 600 years ago. Today, Vignamaggio is an organic farm with a state-of-the-art cellar and produces high-quality wines that encapsulate the characteristics of the estate’s different terroirs.


Grain farming at Vignamaggio has ancient origins. Wheat, barley, spelt and oats were grown in the harder, more fertile soil at the bottom of the valley, but over the centuries were either abandoned or replaced by vineyards.

Cinta Senese

On the planes of Montagliari, you will often find piglets lazing about and scampering around the forest and pastures. The Cinta Senese pigs raised on the estate have 11 hectares of woodland at their disposal. They bathe in the ponds to cool off in the heat, sleep in the soft straw of their pen or run through the forest in search of acorns.

Olive Oil

The sunny slopes of Vignamaggio are covered with over 7000 centuries-old olive trees. As the first autumn mists rolls in, the branches of these small silver-leafed trees are laden with juicy green fruit. The olives are handpicked and pressed within a few hours, keeping the oil's freshness intact.

Vegetable Gardens & Orchards

Vignamaggio’s organic fruit orchards are set on various sites on the Piano di Montagliari floodplain, a quiet and uncontaminated area along the Greve River. Plum, apple, apricot, pear and pomegranate orchards are alternated with fields of grain. On the coolest part of the farm, bordering the forest and river, we have our berry orchard with blackberries, raspberries and currants.