Never as in the vineyard is it fair to say that in January we make a clean break ( a “sharp cut” in Italian) with the past: it’s pruning time. Winter pruning is an essential practice for the well-being and vigor of the plant and prepares the vine to produce for the next year.

Pruning in fact is used to reconstitute the plant and to strengthen it.
Today we are in the vineyards of Prato, in what we call Campo dei Sassi: a beautiful Sangiovese vineyard which was planted 4 years ago. Francesco and our team showed us how it is done.
Guyot pruning is a very simple pruning, but also effective and qualitative. We remove the old shoots and the plant is ready for the bending of the fruiting head that we will do in spring.

To do the pruning it is necessary to cut the vine, leaving about 5 cm of old wood: in this way the wood will be able to dry without compromising the lymphatic vessels of the shoot, the “capo a frutto” or ” head of fruit”.
In about one month the “capo a frutto” will be folded leaving the “cornetto” or spur, from which the plant will be reconstituted next year.